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Vision Board

If I said it were possible to create what you want, actually see it unfold before your eyes - would you believe me?

Back in 2013 I created my first Vision Board - my aim was to leave my day job and be a full time creative. In the space of two years I’m now running a successful business and have ample time to pursue the thing I love most - being creative!

Last night (as I often do) I revisited my vision board and collated all my daydreams/ ideas I capture on my phone - imagine the fun I had! Don’t be afraid - it’s really easy to do and the results speak for themselves!

You can make the your own VB using cut outs from a magazine, things that inspire you - whether it be the house you have always dreamed of, a new car or the trip of a lifetime - nothing is off bounds! Let the right side of your brain do some hard work!

Start with your canvas : either a cork board, card - or my favourite - the kitchen wall and blue tack (if you’re really going for it!) I recommend using PowerPoint as it’s easy to manipulate and update regularly - I even have mine as my wallpaper on my laptop! Here are a few things to help you in your quest for the perfect Vision Board:

Be specific with your goals:  if you want more income, be specific with the amount and how you expect to earn it. Write yourself a cheque! Be sure to put a goal on time too to keep you on track!

Be realistic - but don’t limit your potential, but don’t set yourself things that are completely unachievable - be precise. But dream big and bold!

Be brave - If someone is out there doing it - that could be YOU! Don’t miss out!

Be yourself - what do YOU want? Put a picture of yourself in the middle - one where you’re ‘in the zone’..

Look at it regularly - Put it somewhere you can see it - like opposite your bed so it’s the first thing you see in the morning and before you go to bed!

Have fun! Make it as colourful and quirky as you like - mine has the little flags of the countries I want to visit and lots of inspiring quotes to lift me up on Monday morning.

Revisit it regularly - I am now on my 5th version as I have ticked off my goals from 2013, 2014 and 2015!

Happy creating!


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