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Finding Mojo

It’s finally happening and I’m beyond excited as I’m due to record my second album 31st October - 6th November in Birmingham! It’s been such a long time coming..seems like a million hurdles to leap over but the stars are finally aligned and I’m stargazing baby! 

Finding your voice isn’t just about singing: it’s about knowing who you are inside and out. As a songwriter it’s about knowing what you want to say and saying it loud and proud.  It doesn’t happen overnight that’s for sure!

The truth is somewhere along my journey - I fell out of love with my artistry big time. I felt like a single fish in a shoal of grey fish: so many voices speaking at once, swimming upstream against the tide. Somewhere in the maelstrom of voices I lost my own. Singing and writing became more mechanical than magical. Something wasn’t right and I felt myself slipping into a black hole.. desperately clinging on. Life has this habit of getting in the way…

I’m not entirely sure when I found my mojo again. I partly attribute it to my travels - opening my mind and heart to a whole new way of life. Travel fills my sails and makes me feel invincible!

I attribute a lot of it to surrounding myself with those that inspire me: the bold, the brave and those who dare to dream.. those that dare to see things through! Inevitably some of those who travel alongside us aren’t always there for the long haul - we have our own pathways in life after all..

In 2014 I christened myself with a new moniker - MARKX. It stands for everything I want to be and more. It’s a solemn promise to myself not to be overlooked, to value my unique perspective on the world, cherish my voice and use it as it was always intended. 

In a lot of ways the songs on this album perfectly capture this journey. I’d love for you to share it with me.

With love Ian x


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