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Coridoor Of Lights

Heart stops.  Mouth goes dry.  Breathing ceases. Brain begins to rationalise.   Desperate fingers frantically dial loved ones. *Click* A familiar voice answers “hello” on the other end.  Heart resumes normal service.

A sigh of relief - if only only short lived. Relief turns swiftly to guilt with a burning pang of sorrow for the irreplaceable hearts and priceless souls, stolen away too soon – without any warning.  

What can I say? “sorry it was you and not me” – I’m sure that’s what I would think if I were you.

When we can find no words to comfort you - we will come bearing flowers and light candles. It wont be long before tyres will speed by at 70 miles an hour again. Life is in too much of a hurry to wait. But for a few fleeting moments, even those who never knew the ones you loved, or could possibly hope to understand your grief – held you in their hearts – albeit for a few precious moments.

A tiny corridor of flickering lights is a beautiful reminder we are all human after all…


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