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Blood On Your Hands

"Is that…b b blood?” The shocked shop assistant’s face drains of colour, as to her horror she realises your hands are dripping in blood.

Imagine popping up the road to grab a pint of milk. As you hand over your money, you’re alarmed to discover your hands are caked in blood. Searching desperately for a wound, you breathe a momentary sigh of relief as you realise the blood is not your own. 

What if you paid a hitman to take another’s life? Imagine if everywhere you went, blood flowed freely from your hands, seeping onto your precious gadgets, staining your Armani jeans and forming a conspicuous dark red river on the pavement before you. Could you look a passerby in the eye, knowing you had blood on your hands? Sometimes I catch a blur of red out of the corner of my eye.

In the UK capital London there is a room full of grown men and women; debating on whether to join a war on a country thousands of miles away. When decisions on life and death are being made, some of these so called adults will jeer and scold like badly behaved children. 

You have delegated your voice to these people: they are your proxy. Whether you voted them in, or simply chose to remain silent; you have allowed them to act on your behalf and by doing so: they have the power to kill in your name. What’s even more ironic is that you’re paying them to do this! They are your hitmen.

Bombs kill people: they are not engineered to differentiate bad guys from civilians. They end lives, destroy homes and civilisations. There’s so more to life than consumerism: choking our precious seas with plastic and oil; in exchange for another’s blood. Even aid comes at a price: nothing is free apart from love and humility. When there are no guns and money - there are no guns to shoot people nor money to fund arms.

If you’re not intelligent enough to question why on Earth your own country are meddling in other country’s affairs - you’re already part of the problem rather than the resolution. Wake up! You’re paying for it from your own pocket and people are killing in your name. And in all honesty how is that any different from killing in the name of the God you believe in?


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