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A Bit Emotional

I just wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who took the time to stream and download Matt Johnson's "Warplane" this week! In 24 hours the track received 1500 streams which is INSANE! Seeing a track you've written, get released out into the big wide world gives you the most tremendous buzz.

I'm feeling a bit emotional this evening as I am sat here watching my dreams come to life in front of my eyes...

It's especially poignant as not long ago I was stuck in a job I hated, dragging myself out of bed every day, living someone else's life. What's beautiful about "Warplane" is that I was daydreaming about the music video, on the coach en route to the writing session in Chester with Matt! All I could hear was the melody going around in my head - it was like being on a mission!

In fact this week hit another milestone as my other track "Lost", co-written and performed by Jaayns was played on BBC6 Music! Unbelievable!!

I also wanted to let you know what's been going on with my own EP and some other exciting stuff that's going on. A lot has been going on in my life since I last released music of my own. In fact, the songs that I've been writing and recording reflect some of the struggles I've faced in my personal life - love, loss, laughter.. the irony he he he.

Since recording my EP last year, the title track, which is a very personal song I wrote solo, has been picked up by another artist. It looks like it will have a producer on board who has produced hits for Kylie, The Vamps and Paloma Faith. There is the budget to see it brought to life in 3D, so with mixed emotions I'm letting go and going with the flow (not the easiest thing for me as anyone else who knows me will know!).

That said I have been chipping away musically with lots of exciting, up and coming writers, to add a whole lot of new songs into the mix! I CANNOT wait to share them with you and will be back in the studio in the coming months to get them down. So bear with me, there is an EP coming later this year I promise!

I am the busiest I have EVER been in my life - eg: working 12 hour days on a variety of exciting projects! This year, after vowing never to go back into Project Management, I've done a U-Turn as I'll be overseeing the marketing campaign for the UK Unsigned Songwriter Of The Year 2017 - in association with The Songwriting Academy, Caffè Nero and Yamaha Music!

The competition provides a platform to launch unsigned songwriters and all the proceeds from the competition will benefit Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy!

Next month I'm off on a songwriting retreat to Andalusia with The Songwriting Academy. I CANNOT wait to spend a week songwriting, in the mountains, in a medieval village, with a bunch of crazy and talented songwriters!

I'll be performing some shows over the summer, with my functions 'manband', Audio Riot! I also hope to disappear off for a few weeks somewhere exciting, with my backpack, for some more adventures!

Just wanted to say a HUGE thank you to everyone who has supported me thus far, those who push every day to better themselves and keep me inspired. I love you more than the stars.

With love Ian x


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