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​"With a racing heart, I inhaled a deep breath, held it for a few moments before slamming down the laptop lid for the final time: somehow I knew I would never return"

In November 2014 MARKX had reached breaking point: waking up to the cold, stark realisation that he had been living someone else's life in a corporate job he did not want. And just like that he turned his back on a high flying, handsomely paid job forever. The next thing he found himself a budding entrepreneur, writing songs with the songwriters behind major artists such as Beyoncè, JLO, Backstreet Boys and many more.


In 2019 he released 4 EP's 'Water', 'Air', 'Earth' & 'Fire' which resulted in a #14 iTunes chart placement and, #3, #5 & #21 in Scottish New Music Global Chart.

His debut album 'Laments' was released in October 2019 and received positive feedback from head of BBC Radio 2/ 6 Music's Jeff Smith, as well as receiving BBC Introducing's Track Of The Day on three occasions.

He is advocate for mental health awareness and makes regular radio appearances and visits schools and colleges, using his platform to help others in the creative industries.

Work has now commenced on the follow up to 2019's album 'Laments' with new music expected in early 2020.

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